Your Corporate Health Solution

Why is corporate fitness so important? 

  • People spend the 60% of their day in the workspace

  • 20%-30% is considered sedentary.

  • Over a 1/3 of adults in the U.S. are overweight and engage in no physical activity

  • Without movement, it starts to affect health, productivity and affecting the business bottom-line, and overall workplace happiness

How we can help: 

  • Increase energy and culture that supports a healthy working environment!

  • Decrease the company’s sick leave, medical expenses, insurance expenses and much more! 

  • Progress Tracking for the whole company and individually customizable 

  • Nutritional Plans

  • Motivation & Accountability 

Take advantage in maximizing a healthier workspace with true results in a customized nutrition and training plan designed just for your company. Our online system will show the corporation including each individual employee exactly what to do to reach all fitness and health goals in record time.
My Training Systems uses powerful tools and the support needed to maximize goals to be successful and stay on track! It's your time, start today!

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